Connect with Words offers consultancy services for the third sector and public sector.

I can offer advice on strategic development, partnership possibilities, and ideas for involving your users and stakeholders in creative and mutually enriching ways.

I have worked as a senior manager in local authority commissioning departments for thirteen years. I have had extensive experience of working with smaller organisations, supporting them to develop self-sustaining services within the social and health care market. I have also encouraged and supported innovative partnerships, not only between specialist third sector organisations and the public sector but also with the community leisure, sports and arts sectors. I know how the public sector works, and I am familiar with many of the issues facing third sector organisations.

As an example of my experience, I worked for Hertfordshire Adult Care Services as a senior manager between 2003 and 2010, leading and coordinating the Fulfilling Lives Development Project. This project worked with many partners to develop day and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities. It moved away from day services being based in large buildings, segregated from community life. Instead we developed a wide range of smaller services, integrated with other mainstream community facilities or small third sector organisations.

The programme took a person-centred approach, supporting people to be involved in their community, and to have a more fulfilling life. It involved service development, change management and commissioning work. The project generated unusual and exciting partnerships between many smaller third sector organisations, the arts and culture sector and local authorities.

Read about my education and experience. A full list of my previous roles is available if required.

Contact me to discuss your needs and to get a quote:

email:      telephone: 01756 770355.


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