Are we on the right track? Here are some positive testimonials about recent work:

It was real pleasure to have worked with you if only for a short time. The energy that the Core Partnership demonstrated was, in a big way, created by your good self!!! Your enthusiasm was addictive and unbounded. Thank you.

I am sure something really positive will come out of the work that has already been done and you should feel extremely proud of yourself for leading by example.

Justine Bilton, Carers Wakefield, August 2014 (in relation to a three-month consultancy role helping Wakefield District with a Big Lottery bid for Ageing Better funding)


On EVERY single professional level Louise has considerably improved my own work, project and research status, as well as creative outputs. I am what you might label an ‘ideas woman’, who is developing her arsenal to survive new academic territories. Writing is critical to this success, and whilst this comes naturally Louise has proved her worth with a deep and detailed knowledge of the appropriate style and tone for various outputs. This means that she has edited journal articles from my emergent draft ideas into publishable international papers.

Louise also has experience of grant applications applying timely comments whilst being attentive to the ‘soul’ of the work. I should confess, that I’ve never ‘met’ Louise, we found another (as one frequently does) via digital word-of-mouth recommendation. And for this I am eternally grateful. I know that my future research, writing projects and other creative happenings will hold credible status after Louise’s consistent efforts. I hope never ever to lose her valuable input.

Dr Mariann Hardey, Co-director of iARC, University of Durham, July 2014


You have done a brilliant job.  Thank you very much!  We are enormously grateful to you for all the work you have done and for the speed at which you did it.  The report reads very well and it is better organised and much tighter than it was.  A triumph!

Lady Meyer CBE, Chief Executive of PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together). (February 2013)


Louise is an outstanding editor and proofreader. Working with Louise is easy and reassuring; she understands the editing needs of both the artist and the publisher as well as finding all the typos and errors. She puts the work first.

Wes Brown, Dead Ink Books (a digital only connected reading community and  E-Publisher) for editing work on Controller, the debut novella by an exciting new writer, Sally Ashton.


Thank you for everything – your encouragement, commitment to the content, careful attention to detail, pulling out the stops to meet a nearly impossible deadline!!  – and for your very reasonable invoice.

Author of a book about the life and works of an artist to accompany an exhibition.


I’m really pleased with the outcomes from your work on the reports.  Reporting is such an important shop window for us since it provides tangible evidence of the high quality science and professional staff competence that underpins all our work.  It’s not an area where we can afford to short change so I’m sure that we shall work together again.

Ian Fleming, Operations Manager, PBA Applied Ecology


Louise Swingler is an excellent editor!

Her comments are thoughtful and concise. Louise’s consulting on my writing projects has always been accurate and superb. She is also very detailed in her critiques and can discover minor but important mistakes that other editors miss. Her critiques are always performed in a constructive manner so her clients cannot only fix errors but can also recognize the unique strengths of their own storytelling. I recommend Louise highly as an editor and will definitely use her services in my next writing project.

Eva Dietrich, Children’s Books Specialist,  Author and Director of Aladdin Books


Louise has done an excellent job on our website. She picked up on the style and mood of our company exceptionally quickly, and made sure that the whole site reflects who we are, as well as being consistent and error-free. She made the existing pages much easier to read, and the new pages she wrote for us get our information across really clearly to our clients. She is flexible and reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile. We were so pleased with her work that we asked her to write and edit our monthly newsletter for us on an ongoing basis. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Stuart Rose, Company Director, Fire Events


‘I am so glad that I have been able to work with Louise over the past seven years, both in her role as a senior manager moving forward a project to personalise day opportunities in a local authority, and more recently in developing Reach Out. Louise was passionate about making sure that the Reach Out guidelines were capable of doing the best possible job for everyone involved; the people, their families, and the relevant staff teams and agencies. Her knowledge of how the system works, her eye for detail, and her skill in writing, editing and communicating widely has complemented my skills incredibly well.  I only hope that we get to work together again in the future.’ 

Sally Warren, MD Paradigm 

(This job involved copy-editing the Reach Out: Community and Day Service Change guidelines, produced by Paradigm, who are a leading consultancy, training and development agency in the field of disability. A subscription is necessary to see the main body of the text on-line, but the introductory sections of the publication can be seen on the Reach Out website)


Previous role as a senior manager for Hertfordshire County Council

‘Louise worked for me for 6 years when I was an Assistant Director within Hertfordshire’s Adult Care Services. She was in a senior role, as the Project Manager responsible for our programme to modernise day services for people with learning disabilities, moving services out of large institutional settings to more integrated, community based settings, and providing people with disabilities the opportunity to live more independent lives within their local communities. She also initiated and supported the development of many innovative partnerships between the department and third sector organisations, as well as with community arts and leisure services.

Louise has many skills that I believe will be important in her work as a freelance writer and copy-editor.  She is able to manage her time effectively and to work on her own initiative, an absolute requisite for her role as a project manager.  She is able meet deadlines, and manage the competing priorities of a large, complex programme of work.  She regularly wrote and contributed to the production of reports, documents and other communications materials for consideration by a range of audiences, from service users to elected members, and she is able to convey messages clearly both orally and in writing.

Louise is an open and caring person who is serious and passionate about her work.  She is a person who reflects on her goals and, once she has chosen her direction, works resolutely to achieve these. 

I consider myself very lucky to have had Louise working as a member of my senior management team, and I have no doubt that she will bring the same qualities and skills to her freelance career.  I am happy to commend her without hesitation, and wish her every success.’

Cathy Kerr – Director of Adult and Community Services, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


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