There are several ways that I can help you to produce copy that:

  • gets a clear message across to your audience
  • makes sense and sticks to the point
  • is stylistically consistent and factually accurate
  • has no errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling

I can work with hard copy or on-screen.

You pick the level of service that you need.


  • Articles
  • Web content
  • Communications materials
  • Corporate documents

I can write your copy from scratch, or I can partially rewrite existing copy. I will use your personal or house style, and make sure that your message gets across to the intended audience. I can also carry out some research if required.

Copy-editing and proofreading

I can provide a thorough edit of your copy, working to improve it in the following areas:

  • Overall accuracy and clarity
  • Consistency and continuity
  • Punctuation. grammar and word usage
  • Lay-out and style
  • Structure and paragraphing
  • Removing repetition and ambiguity
  • Checking bullets and numbered lists
  • Checking references

If your copy only needs proofreading, I can just focus upon removing typos and spelling errors, check the grammar and punctuation, and have a general look at style and layout.

Specialist areas

Health and social care <> public sector services <> social sciences <> occupational therapy <> rehabilitation and disability <> alternative therapies <> education <> training materials <> oral history <> cookery <> gardening <> fiction.

I am more than happy to consider other work.

I can also offer an extended service, including some advice and consultancy, to social enterprises and third sector organisations, especially those in the health and social care sector and the community, leisure and arts sector.

Click here for my contact details.

For information on my rates click here.


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